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[sticky post] TCG Exchange Card Post

I've decided to join tcg_exchange because I'm a total hoarder so collecting and trading online graphic cards looks like too much addictive fun to pass up. I also need some motivation to become active in animanga and videogame icontests since lately all my graphics have been HP based. Anyway, I'm still a noob at this but feel free to comment here if you want to trade etc.

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TCG Make A Match

This post is where I will place each unedited/screened comment containing the weekly match pattern for tcg_match so that no other members or moderators may see them and thus both may freely/fairly participate. At the end of the week, when the game is over, it will be unscreened and linked to in the main community.

Note: The first comment was for Week 37, I forgot to list the week number but will be sure to do so going forward ^^'

Icontest Banners

After joining TCG Exchange in November 2009, I've become more active in various anime, manga and video game icontests once again so this will be where I display the banners I got for placing. Not included here are any old awards and or victories earned through Hogwarts Elite until I stop being lazy and find them all on my computer... this may never actually happen.

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Near the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, I've taken a break from icontests. So until I can find the motivation to get active in at least a few again, I am taking more inspiration from the various icon challenges out there, such as 20in20 communities.

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My graphics community is icontradiction where all of the above icons will eventually be posted. For now there are plenty of other items to browse.

Collection of Gifts etc.

These are the various gifts I've received and stamps I've earned from people on my friends list. They're all so lovely. Thank you for thinking of me and making me feel a little extra special just because you could.

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These are the various gifts I've received and awards I've won during my time as a Ravenclaw student at hogwarts_elite. Why yes, I am very much a geek. Thanks to all the people who took the time to make me these banners, it's appreciated.

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I feel so loved ;)